The primary goal of the Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust is to eradicate wilding pines from Mid Dome and surrounding land to the point where any re-growth can be managed by landholders. This will protect the ecological, economic, landscape and recreational values of over 100,000 ha of iconic southern high country pastoral and tussock land.

Our Organisation

The Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust, established in 2006, grew from a management group set up a decade earlier by local farmers, environmentalists, and local and central government.

The Trust contracts DOC as project manager. Research by Scion (formerly Forest Research) will continue to be used alongside the Trust’s own research to ensure the project is cost effective with minimal damage to the native tussock cover. Environment Southland provides administrative support.

Board of Trustees

Changes in the Mid Dome Trust
Mr Mark Sutton continues to support the Trust’s endeavours and we welcome him as our newest trust.

  • Ali Timms (Chair) – Environment Southland Chair and Councillor for East
  • Alison Broad – Invercargill-based advocate and consultant on community projects
  • Sir Alan Mark – Dunedin scientist, conservationist and tussock grasslands specialist
  • Geoffrey Young – Local landowner
  • Michael Skerrett – Iwi representative
  • Mark Sutton – Waiau Fisheries & Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Trust

Trustees(left to right): Michael Skerrett, Ali Timms, Geoffrey Young, Alison Broad, Sir Alan Mark.

"We welcome your support in a conservation project that really can make a difference"

Our Project as at Year 6, 2013

  • Applicant: Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust 
  • Purpose: We will eradicate wilding pines from Mid Dome and surrounding land
    to protect the ecological, economic, landscape and recreational
    values of more than 100,000 hectares of iconic southern high country 
    pastoral and tussock land.
  • Total Budget: $9 million over 12 years
  • Funds Pledged: $5 million over 12 years  
  • Project Timeline: 2007 to 2019 
  • Community Support: The Trust’s four phase, 12 year Wilding Tree Eradication Programme
    has the full support of the Mid Dome and wider Southland community,iwi and all agencies involved.
  • Contacts:
    • Ali Timms, Trust Chairman: @ ali.timms@gmail.com
    • Richard Bowman, ES Biosecurity Manager: @ richard.bowman@es.govt.nz