Achivements to date

Tremendous collaboration between the local community, volunteers, Department of Conservation, Environment Southland, Land Information New Zealand and the Mid Dome Wilding Trees Management Group has already resulted in:
  • Strong community and local, regional and central government co-operation.
  • Formation of the Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust.
  • Development of the Trust’s Ecological Restoration Project to eradicate Mid Dome's wildings.
  • $5 million pledged over the project’s 12 years
  • Initial wilding clearance work over 60,000 ha
  • Start made on spray control of core wilding area
  • Biodiversity Condition Fund $54,000
  • Ongoing research into wilding control techniques.
  • Wilding management of 40,000ha has been handed back to Landowners

This Year's Goals

The Trust’s programme will focus on continuing to bring in the infestation boundaries and targeting strategic seed sources, in conjunction with building and maintaining relationships with all landowners involved. Subject to funding; work will include:

  • Ground control will target the removal of strategically sited stands of trees.
  • Aerial spraying will continue based on the results of ongoing spray trials
  • Continuing public education about wilding spread (a secondary purpose of the Trust) through volunteer work days, newsletters, advising landowners about the best methods of managing any regrowth.