Phase 1 Halt the Spread (2007-10)

Ground clearance of scattered wildings to rein in the infestation. Treatment of primary (planted) and secondary (wilding spread) seed sources by aerial spraying of densest infestations with emphasis on those stands closest to the eastern boundary (down wind) of the current infestation. Removal of large trees from exposed ridge “take off” sites.

Phase 2 Consolidate Gains (2010 -2013)

Aerial spot spraying of remaining dense clumps and clearing secondary seed source sites. Ground control will focus on clearing scattered infestations not covered in Phase 1. By the end of this phase, all infested areas will have been aerially sprayed or cleared by ground crews at least once.

Phase 3 Treat & Prevent Re-invasion (2013-2016)

Repeat aerial spraying of any remaining clusters. Ground clearance of any new seedlings within the area covered in Phase 1.

Phase 4 Mop Up & Achieve Control (2015-2018)

Ground clearance of all seedlings from areas cleared in earlier phases as required.

All control work and the recovery of native species will be monitored. This information and ongoing research will continually refine the project’s work programme and benefit other wilding projects throughout New Zealand.